Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan


I like cows, I think they're cute
Walkin' in their big cow suit
They give me milk, they give me cheese
They give me hoof and mouth disease

My friend the cow and that's no bull
Around the cowhouse, I got pull
If cream and butter ain't enough
She's got lots of udder stuff

Who gives me milk? Who gives me cheese?
Who gives me hoof and mouth disease?
I like to have my friends around
(But) I'll take cows when the chips are down

I dig the ducks down on the lake (quack quack quack)
They're fun to pet or roast or bake
Short on ears and short on teeth
Damp and fuzzy underneath

I think that worms are hard to beat
Got no hair and they got no feet
Pop 'em in the ice cube tray
Drop 'em and they ricochet
(Repeat chorus and fade)

Words and music copyright © 2006 Jack Blanchard (BMI)
Publisher: Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI)
Recorded by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan
All Rights Reserved