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Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan

"One More Song Together"
Jack Blanchard And Misty Morgan recorded songs one though nine in June of 2012 at Ozone Studios, Jcksonville, Florida. Proce is $16.95
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It features 12 songs


  1. Loozianna Moon
  2. Dance Of The Living-Dead Chickens
  3. The Look Of Nothing
  4. Don't It Look Like Georgia
  5. Time Machine
  6. Just One More Song Together
  7.Little Orphan Annie
  8. Another Place And Time
  9. We Walked This Road Before
10. The New Tennessee Birdwalk
11. Call On Me
12. Try
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan: Traveling Music
Jack and Misty  traveling music

"Traveling Music"
Jack Blanchard And Misty Morgan 1956-2009
It features 26 Jack and Misty songs all having to deal with the subject of traveling. You'll be able to find it on CDBaby in a week or two, but we can get it for you sooner than that for $19.95. It even features liner notes by our friend Moragh Carter and a previously unreleased song, "Looziana Moon".


  1. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain
  2. Carolina Sundown Red.
  3. Second Tuesday In December.
  4. 47 Miles To The Georgia Line
  5. Tennessee Birdwalk
  6. Just One More Song Together
  7. A Handfull Of Dimes
  8. Bethlehem Steel
  9. Blues Come In From The Rain
10. The End Of The Wine
11. There Ain't No Goin' Home
12. Changin' Times
13. You Can't Say I Didn't Try
14. Shadow Of A Big Black Bird
15. The Island
16. Cotton Blossom
17. Miami Sidewalks
18. Call On Me
19. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
20. Is There Something On Your Mind?
21. Looziana Moon.
22. Asleep In The Saddle
23. I Love You. I'm Sorry. Goodbye
24. Still Got Each Other
25. A Place In My Mind
26. Our Room

Jack and Misty traveling music

Jack and Misty  Nashville Sputnik
"Nashville Sputnik"
The Deep South/Outer Space productions of Jack Blanchard And Misty Morgan 1956-2004
Imagine if the flying saucer that dropped legendary producer Joe Meek in London had instead taken a left turn and landed in Nashville U.S.A. The result might have sounded something like this.
Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan will forever be remembered for the novel pathos of hits like Tennessee Birdwalk and Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain. But before the bright lights of stardom found them Jack and Misty were busy working underground, writing and producing superb cuts for a fascinating cast of characters and talents who are today, unjustly, largely forgotten. Hear Jacqueline Hyde And The Moonfolk take a rocket ship into outer (and inner) space, Rusty Diamond have an existential moment on the battle-front, Brad Wolfe investigate reincarnation and Joel Mathis evaporate into the past on his Time Machine amidst a carnival of other sonic wonders. Once heard this disc will inspire sounds you've never heard before and thoughts you never thought before. Remastered with exclusive liner notes and many previously unreleased tracks all cuts make their definitive first appearance on CD here. It's kind-a-country, kind-a-pop, kind-a-weird - so strap in... another world awaits!


  1. Strange New World* - Jacqueline Hyde & The Moonfolk (1965) (2:25)
  2. The Lonely Sentry* - Rusty Diamond with guest star Maryanne Mail+ (1965) (2:54)
  3. We Walked This Road Before - Brad Wolfe (1971) (3:05)
  4. Time Machine - Joel Mathis+ (1971) (2:24)
  5. Skellykins - Rusty Diamond (1966) (2:04)
  6. Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker - Hank Malcolm (1972) (2:12)
  7. Gemini* (instrumental) - The Jack Blanchard Group (1965) (1:47)
  8. Lonely Bell - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan (1967) (2:20)
  9. Mary Turn Around - Hank Malcolm (1965) (2:36)
10. Changin' Times - Brad Wolfe (1972) (3:42)
11. I'm Hung Up On You - Rusty Diamond, the Country Nut (1965) (2:28)
12. Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses (And The Suede Shoes)
         - The Dawn Breakers (1958) (2:39)
13. Hit Me One More Time - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan+ (1967) (2:46)
14. Let's Have A Hayride* - Maryanne Mail (1965) (1:24)
15. Cadillac - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan (1968) (2:34)
16. Little Orphan Annie - Joel Mathis (1971) (2:23) )
17. Midnight Greyhound - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan (1967) (2:20)
18. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Donel Austin+ (1973) (2:56)
19. New World* (instrumental) - The Jack Blanchard Group (1965) (2:07)
20. Runaway* - Jacqueline Hyde and the Moonfolk (1965) (1:37)
21. The King Of Hearts - Jackie Blanchard & The Rockin' Impallas (1960) (2:00)
22. Journey's End - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan+ (1967) (2:44)
23. Monkey See Monkey Do - Hank Malcolm (1972) (2:50)
24. The Love Habit - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan+ (1973) (2:38)
25. I'm Feelin' A Change In My Life** - Donel Austin+ (1973) (3:22)
26. The Look Of Nothing - Tom Carlile+ (1974) (3:08)
27. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain (Disco Version)
       - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan+ (1974) (2:56)
28. Don't It Look Like Georgia*** - Tom Carlile+ (1974) (3:31)
29. Dance Of The Living Dead Chickens (Demo) - Jack Blanchard+ (1993) (2:05)
30. A Weird Little Christmas - Jack Blanchard+ (2004) (3:16)

All titles mono except those marked + are stereo.
All original recordings 1956-2004
Produced by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan
Restored and Remastered by Jack Blanchard at the Music Hospital 2008
All titles written by Jack Blanchard except as follows:
*-Steve Fenner/Jack Blanchard
**-Skip Rogers
***-Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
All titles published by Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI) except
"I'm Feelin' A Change In My Life" (publisher unknown)
Executive in charge of Cd re-issue David Thrussell
Layout and Design Richard Grant/I+T=R

The price is $22.95 plus shipping and handling
Your CD will be autographed

The Birdhouse album cover
"The Birdhouse Album - Mid 1970s"


  1. The Cockroach Stomp
  2. Carolina Sundown Red
  3. Down to the End of the Wine
  4. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
  5. Just One More Song
  6. Because We Love
  7. I'm High on You
  8. Cows
  9. The House (That Used To Be A Home)
10. Something On Your Mind
11. Why Did I Sleep So Long?
12. Molasses In The Moonlight
13. Safe Harbour
14. Let's Pretend
15. 47 Miles (To The Georgia Line)
16. Hands
17. Livin' Together
18. Still Comin' Down
19. I'll Go Home With You
20. We've Still Got Each Other
21. You Come So Easy To Me (original)
22. You Can't Say I Didn't Try
23. Asleep In The Saddle
24. Try
25. Starvin' Hog Blues
26. The Poinciana Bar
27. When The Blues Come In From The Rain
28. I Love You, I'm Sorry, Goodbye
29. Motel Time
There are 29 full tracks
$18.95 plus shipping and handling
David Thrussell of Omni Recording Corporation thoughts on The Birdhouse Album - Mid 1970s
In the mid-1970s we encountered a warmer and wiser Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. Still producing fabulous oddball flourishes like The Cockroach Stomp and Cows, but now a little a little something new was brewing... majesty and grandeur! Yes, witness the astounding, lush string arrangements on Carolina Sundown Red, Something On Your Mind, and Just One More Song, and the fantastic philosophical-cowpoke "one-two punch" of Down To The End of The Wine and Here Today and Gone Tomorrow. Lysergic Hayseed meloncholia has never sounded so smooth. And what universe, exactly, did Molasses In The Moonlight rocket in from?!? Lovingly remastered, All tracks make their first appearance here on CD.
  Times had moved on and Jack and Misty had moved with them, there are touches of disco here and the subtlest hint of The Carpenters, but remember... nobody, but nobody has ever sounded anything like... Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

"Life And Death (and almost everything else)"
New for 2006.
Available for a limited time for $22.95 plus the regular shipping and handling.
We will personally autograph each one

  1.Tennessee Birdwalk
  2. Big Black Bird (Spirit Of My Love)
  3. Chapel Hill
  4. The Dum Song
  5. Bethlehem Steel
  6. Poor Jody
  7. Humphrey The Camel
  8. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
  9. Changin' Times
10. The Clock Of St. James
11. You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine)
12. A Place In My Mind
13. The Autumn Song (On A Yellow Day)
14. How I lost 31 Pounds in 17 Days
15. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain
16. The Shadows Of The Leaves
17. There Must Be More To Life (Than Growing Old)
18. The Legendary Chicken Fairy
19. Miami Sidewalks
20. Fire Hydrant #79
21. Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home
22. If Eggs Had Legs
23. Second Tuesday In December
24. A Handful Of Dimes
25. It Seems Like There Aint No Going Home
26. I'm Washin' Harry Down The Sink
27. The Night We Heard The Voice
28. Lonesome Song
29. The Sunset Train

"Back From The Dead, Vol 2"
Contains "Tennessee Birdwalk"
and "Somewhere In Viriginia In The Rain".
23 songs, all vocals. $16.95.

"A Little Out Of Sync"
Includes "Safe Harbor" And "Because We Love"
19 songs, all vocals. $16.95.

New for 2005.
20 rare recordings from our early years...
Includes the original "Tennessee Birdwalk". $16.95

  1. A Place In My Mind, 1968
  2. Try,1975 (Backup vocals 2004 *)
  3. Lonesome Song, 1973
  4. Something On Your Mind, 1974
  5. Changin' Times, 1968
  6. The Sunset Train, 1969
  7. Asleep In The Saddle, 1973
  8. Tennessee Birdwalk(The original), 1968
  9. Molasses In The Moonlight, 1974 (Backup vocals 2004 *)
10. You Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine), 1968
11. Let's Pretend, 1974
12. The Autumn Song, 1968
13. Still Comin' Down, 1975 (Backup vocals 2004 *)
14. Livin' Together, 1974
15. I'll Go Home With You, 1974
16. We've Still Got Each Other, 1975
17. The Dum Song, 1968
18. You Come So Easy To Me(original version), 1973
19. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, 1968
20. Gemini, mid 60's. Our first record.

"JAck anD MiStY aRe CrAzY"
17 original funny songs on one stupid CD. $16.95.

"Masters Of The Keyboards"
includes "Perry Mason Rides Again"
10 original Jack & Misty instrumentals. $16.95.

"Two Sides - One More Time"

  1. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain
  2. Sweet Memories
  3. Rings Of Gold
  4. The Shadow Of The Leaves
  5. There Must Be More To Life (Then Growing Old)
  6. Legendary Chicken Fairy
  7. Miami Sidewalks
  8. Fire Hydrant #79
  9. Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home
10. If Eggs Had Legs

10 songs.$16.95.

"Back In Harmony"

  1. Sea Of Heartbreak
  2. Because We Love
  3. I'll Never Be Free
  4. Memories Of You
  5. Back In Harmony
  6. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  7. Shame On The Moon
  8. Hands
  9. The One You Really Love
10. Crossing The Line

10 songs  $22.95

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